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As this website gets more and more attention I am aware that some minor improvements could be made, especially for map makers, but also maybe map comments.
So that will be added to the TODO list in some near future.

The Dude

About Heroes III Maps Scanner

Welcome to heroesmaps.org

This website aim is the presentation of Heroes III Map Scanner and also servers as vast archive of Heroes III maps.

Currently it is possible to search through maps and Map Scanner is fully integrated as you can see by browsing though map details.

This website is somewhat quickly prepared, so furthemore there are few thing planned.

  1. Integrate Heroes III campaign scanner
  2. Allow map downloads
  3. Allow map ratings
  4. Allow map uploads
  5. Allow map comments
  6. Map management for map makers and map uploaders
  7. Improve graphics and user interface of this page

Heroes III Map Scanner is work by The Dude and is freely available on GitHub under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. Scanner reads whole Heroes III map, can make a map image with details like you would see on ingame minimap and can display lot of details about the map.

The Dude


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